Punya Prasad Aryal

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Personal Details

Name:Punya Prasad Aryal

Date Of Birth:1956-11-01


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Mother Name:

Designation : Senior Advocate

Licence No : 213

Area of Specialization :

Contact Details

Permanent Address:

Temporary Address:Katyayani, Baneswar, Kathmandu

Mobile No:9851008727

Resident No:014109052 (R)


Professional Details

Law Firm Name: Punya Aryal Law Associates037

Law Firm Address: Babarmahal , Kathmandu

Law Firm Phone: 9851008727

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Other Details

Qualifications:           Diploma in Law (Bachelor of  Law )(1980), MA (Pol. Sc., 1987)
Profession:                 Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Nepal (certificate . No. 213)
Professionally a Qualified Sr.Advocate & Lawyer in legal trade for last 39 years (since  1981 AD Carrying out professional practice in the Supreme Court, High court , District Courts and Judiciary and Semi-judiciary legal bodies of authority. Have worked on Civil, Family, Criminal, Constitutional, Corporate, Immigration, and other law trade. In-house Legal Advisor for government, non-government and private sectors and international organisations based in Nepal on variety of legal cases such as on disputed ownership of natural resources , environment and other sectors. Having founded community service organizations over years as my special interest, I currently hold key responsibilities in a few.
  1. Established and oversaw ‘Nepal Law Firm’, Putalisadak, as a self-employed trainee lawyer, 2032-36.
  2. Offered free legal consultations to the destitute and unprivileged communities and raised their legal awareness in regions across the country: Kathmandu, Kapilvastu, Gulmi and others, 2036-37.
  3. Agricultural Inputs Corporation, Nepal:  17/05/2038-30/01/2041.  Legal Officer.  Arranged compensation entitlements against monetary losses of the corporation through law suits in courts of various hierarchy in Nepalese and Indian courts (Calcutta, Gorakhpur, Motihari).  I liaised with government and corporate authorities in Nepal and India.  Offered legal advice on regular legal matters as per contractual terms, while continuing with professional legal practice in courts.
  4. French Nepal Co-operation Project, French Embassy: September 1986 – March 1987.  Legal /Government Liaison Consultant
  5. Lalitpur Metropolitan Council Board, 2041-2054. Legal Advisor.  Resolved long-pending legal issues winning numerous cases through intensive legal consultations, and carrying out numerous representations in the Supreme Court on behalf of the client. Offered advice to the members of the public on community based legal issues. 
  6. The Supreme Court. Fagun 2041- Bhadra 2042, and Paush 2044 – Asad 2045.  As Honorary Advocate.  I represented poor and destitute members of community in the Supreme Court in criminal and civil cases.
  7. Nepal Coal Limited. Baisakh 2043- Fagun 2045. Legal Advisor. 
  8. Central Zone Regional Court. Paush 2047 – Asad 2048. Honorari advocate.  Represented poor and destitute clients.
  9. Guthi Samsthan.  2051-2052.  Legal Advisor. Prevented unauthorized land occupation/acquisition of the corporation’s land property and advised regularly.
  10. Nepal Medical Association. 2051-2053.  Legal Advisor.  Decision making roles with doctors on resolving organizational, health, legal and other issues.
  11. Shahi Aushadhi (Royal Drugs) Ltd. 2055-2058.  Legal Advisor. As a property lawyer of the client secured land property from illegal occupiers, and other court cases.
  12. The Gorkha Engineers &,Services International P Ltd. 2058-2061.  Legal Advisor.  Litigated legal cases for property collaterals as used in hydro power projects.  Won land mark case against.
  13. Legal Advisor: Industrial Development Management Ltd 2070.Fagun to 071.Baisakh.
  14. 14.legal Advisor: Gorkha Patra Samsthaan. 2071.02.9 to 073.2.8
Supreme Court Bar Association:
  • Elected Treasurer 2044-45. 
  • Member of the Executive Committee, 2051 and 2052
  • General Member, Supreme Court Bar Associatisince Jestha 2038 to present. 
  • Deputy Co-ordinator of Bar’s Consumer Protection Committee
  • Co-ordinatior of Decision Implementation Committee,co÷ordinattee of studd of court dicisiion (Famely Law)Nepal Bar Assotaiton. ,  Adviser, Money Loundaring Act Committee, Supreme Court Bar Assotation..
  • Adviser foreigm relation committee supreme court bar Assotation kathmandu Nepal .
Voluntary Community Work:
  • Founder Member, Democratic Lawyers Association, 2047. Presently, I take active roles in representing the interests of the association with the government bodies and interest groups.
  • Founder ‘Public Concern Network’, an NGO, in 2068 in collaboration with experts in community.  I currently represent the NGO on Law, Human Rights & Social Justice.
  • Founder Member and General Secretary, ‘National Democratic Socialist Campaign’
  • I take active interest in adding my contributions in discussions on issues of national and social importance and working towards their agreeable solutions.
  • Exetutative  chairman Sadanand Bhagwat Gyan Parchar Parisad  Kathmandu Nepal.
Articles in newspapers in the recent past on contemporary issues.