Nagendra Yadav

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Personal Details

Name:Nagendra Yadav

Date Of Birth:


Father Name:BhoIa Ray Yada

Mother Name:

Designation : Advocate

Licence No : 8157

Area of Specialization :

Contact Details

Permanent Address:

Temporary Address:Tokha Manuplacity –5, Kathmandu

Mobile No:9851154964

Resident No:

Professional Details

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Law Firm Phone: 9841244964

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Other Details

Academic QuaIifications :  
  1. Master in PoIiticaI Science (M.A) in A.D 2002 From Tribhuvan University.
  2. Studying Final Stage of LLM in Commercial and Criminal law.
  3.  BacheIor in Science (B.SC) in A.D 1994 From Tribhuvan University.
  4. BacheIor in Laws (B.L)  in A.D 1997  From Tribhuvan  University
  5. BacheIor in Science Education (B·ED) in A.D 1998 From Tribhuvan   University.
  6. Intermediate in Science (I·Sc) From Bihar Intermediate Ed· CounciI, India.
  7. SchooI   Living   Certificate  (SLC)  in A.D 1987  From,  NepaI.
ProfessionaI  AffiIiations:
  1. Chair person:Youth lawyers of Nepal Since B.S 2060 To 2067.
  2. Member Secretary: Youth Lawyers Committee of CentraI Nepal Bar Association, Ktm Since B.S 2061 to 2068 .
  3. Secretary : NepaI  Bar  Association  And  Canadian Bar  Association  Youth  Committee B.S 2063.
  4. Member Secretary : Capacity DeveIopment  Committee  of  AppeIIate  Bar  Association , Patan .
  5. Member : Legal Literacy committee of Central Nepal Bar Association Ktm.
  6. Member Secretary: Labour Law Committee of Central Nepal Bar Association B.S 2070-2071.
Training  Attend :
  1. Training of Law Professional Program Organized by the Nepal Bar Council In A.D 2001.
  2. Training of Human Right Litigation Organized by Human Right Commission of Nepal in A.D 2007.
  3. Training of Trainer(TOT) Constitutional Making Strategy Nepal Bar Association and Canadian Bar Association
  4. Training of Principle of Federalism Organized by the ICJ in A.D 2001.
  5. Seminar of Revelence of Right to Food in the New Constitution, Organized by Food and Agricultural Organization  in 2014.
  6. TOT Training of Mediation Organized by Supreme Court Nepal In A.D 2013.
  7. Training Organizer of Company Law and Practice as Programme Co-ordinator.
  8. Training Organizer of Relation between Forensic Science and Criminal Cases as a Programme Co-ordinator in A.D 2007.
  1. Founder and Lawyer of Mithila Legal Service Center, Maitighar, Ktm.
  2. Legal Advisor of Nepal Agricultural Research Center, ktm in A.D 2006.
  3. Legal Advisor of Tea and coffee Development Board, Kathmandu   Since  B.S 2065 to 2070.
  4. Research Paper Presented and Submitted in T.U on The Topic ‘Political Corruption And Controlling Mechanism In Nepal At B.S 2072 and Submitted A Thesis Paper on The Topic "Changing Context Of Rape Law In Nepal: Comparative Studyʺ at B.S.2074 in T.U.
  5. Legal Advisor of Rajarshi  Janak University, Janakpurdham  Since B.S 2074.
  6.  Legal Advisor of Ayurved Medical Council Nepal, Kathmandu           since B.S 2075 to till now.
 Interested : 
  1. Criminal and Writ Cases, Training, Seminar  and  Programms.
Countries Visited:
          India and so many Parts of Nepal.