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र्वोच्च दा बा शोसि

Supreme Court Bar Association

 About Us


The Supreme Court Bar Association (the SCBA) was established in Falgun 8, 2030 BS and this day is recognized as one of the historic landmarks in the development of professionalism in the legal profession and in the promotion of rule of law in the country. The SCBA was established after 17 years of the establishment of the Nepal Bar Association (the NBA) after the existing constituting documents of NBA was amended in order to allow the formation of Bar units at every court in the country which was only possible due to the continued efforts of all the regularly practicing law graduate professional advocates and the judges and well-wishers for establishment of rule of law in the country. The SCBA was the first Bar unit to be established and paved the way for formation of Bar units at every court such that the rule of law could be strengthened in a decentralized manner in every part of the country. The formation of the SCBA also marked a move towards a more educated and professional lawyers; which separated the then existing non - law graduate lawyers from the ones with a modern law degree; the lack of which was critically felt by the supreme court in the average performance of the lawyers back then.

The founding executive committee of the SCBA comprised as follows;
Mr. Kusum Shrestha (President), Ms. Sushila Singh Shilu (V. P.),
Mr. Daman Nath Dhungana (Secretary), Balaram Kafle (Treasurer),
Madhuprasad Sharma, Laxmanprasad Aryal, Jhulendraprasad Chatkuli, Sushilkumar Sinha, Ramkrishna Gautam, Basantaram Bhandari, Amarbahadur Pandey, (Members).

The first meeting of the founding executive committee was to declare Baisakh 26th i.e. the implementation date of the Pradhan Nyayalaya Ain, 2008 (the Apex Court Act, 2051) as the Nepal Law Day recognizing the day as a landmark in the establishing the rule of law, independence of judiciary and the separation of state’s powers.

Right from its beginning days, the SCBA showed its commitment towards protection of human rights, establishment of rule of law, and its high ethical standards by offering free legal service in Habeas Corpus cases. Although the SCBA is a unit of the NBA, owing to its jurisdiction over the highest court in the country, the elite and professional composition of its members, and it assuming the role of flag bearer for the protection of human rights, constitutionalism and rule of law in the country; it has created its own identity and status (even distinct from the umbrella organization NBA at times. And there are many a historic anecdotes of tussles between the NBA and the SCBA which are fondly remembered by our older members as events shaping the formation of the organization as it exists today). As such, the SCBA has established itself as a well-respected organization having an independent image right from the day of its conception.

The SCBA has also played an important role in shaping the peoples movement of 1990 and 2006 by progressively fighting for a place for human rights, rule of law, and separation of powers, in the constitution of the country and as such to establish a true just and democratic system in the country. Its efforts have been well documented by the media and well recognized by the people of the country.

The SCBA today is a body of professionals who are dedicated to the promotion of constitutionalism, human rights, rule of law, independence of judiciary and towards strengthening of professionalism of all the lawyers in the country.

 For a more detailed account of the history behind the formation of the SCBA please see, the first article in the first issue of the Supreme Court Bar Journal.